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About Us 
We are exclusive to Tampa Bay and happy to know that you are interested in obtaining a FREE vending machine for your business. 

  • We offer high-quality FREE vending machines for your location + NO hassle to you (Yes, its totally free)

  • We offer a variety of healthy and traditional products (We only stock what you want!)

  • Our technology alerts us on which products are popular + stock quantity (You are busy- NO need to call us!)

  • We offer weekly refills, so you never run out of any product. (This is our guarantee!)

  • Our machines are brand new and aesthetically pleasing to fit your décor and customer clientele. (no eye sores)

  • ALL machines accept cash, credit card as well as EZ mobile pay (super-fast & convenient transactions)

  • We are fully responsible for the machine’s maintenance and programming. (Say bye to “broken” signs)

  • Our machines are made to fit your location (No need to worry about bulky machines wasting space)

  • We are locally owned & operated in Tampa Bay only (there are no 1800 numbers or long wait times from us)

  • We offer super fun BOGO deals and contests on a routine basis (Yes! We do surprise cash giveaways)  

  • Improve staff morale + make customers happy with a convenient snack (It’s a win-win just steps away!)

  • We modify all machine options to fit your needs and preferences (We modify products during special days & holidays) 

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